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Safe and affordable Minor Surgery where NHS or private insurances do not fund a cosmetic procedure.

Over and above the problems in the pictures Thames Valley Surgical Services provides Minor Surgery also for other skin problems.  If you are unsure about the nature of your problem requiring Minor Surgery, don’t worry, we can often help.

Consultation for a thorough assessment with Diagnosis and Quote

Dr M Kittel will meet and greet you personally for an thorough assessment of your problem and give a diagnosis wherever possible. He will talk you through the options and if there are a number of different ones clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages and guide you while you are free to choose. There is no pressure to go ahead. He will let you know exactly how much time he thinks you will need and give you a written quote. Prices are likely to be very similar to those quoted in our price guide. Cost will substantially reduce if more than one skin lesion is removed in one session (in surgery AND lab fees). At the end of the consultation he will also sign the consent form, so if you choose to come back he can start with the surgery immediately. When comparing our quote with other providers, please ensure they include the cost of lab fees into their quote. Treat providers with suspicion that do not offer a laboratory evaluation of your lesion.

Worried about a surgical procedure?

If you worried please read this website thoroughly. You will want to know about Painfree Skin Surgery and the nature of your skin lesion. You may also want to know about our staff.