How TVSS works

Learn below how TVVS is different from other services

At TVSS we treat you in a partnership and we endavour you to get excellent service and good quality at a reasonable cost. We are much more transparent about our quality and patient satisfaction than many other UK providers. Read here for our patient satisfaction data over the last 4 years. And read here for individual patient stories

Start the booking process

Book an appointment, online or over the phone, for an assessment at the clinic, a telephone or video appointment. Please be aware we require the completion of an application and pre-consent form prior to the consultation. Please be aware, that we only can start working, when you have filled out the online application and pre-consent form. You also need to attach a good photograph.

Have a look at the transparent TVSS payment structure here. Generally, we charge hundreds, not thousands of pounds.

TVSS pricing structure

TVSS consultations are £60, but they are discounted from your quote if you book within 1 month after the quote has been sent by us (email date).

Surgery: Charging Structure is here.

Tip: The more removals you book during a single session, the lower the per item price. Note, we can usually remove a maximum of i.e. 20 Lipomas during one session due to a variety of factors including the amount of Local Anaesthetic given at any one time.

Suture removal: This is not included and usually costs £35, but we can support DIY removal and provide suture removal kits for free. Also, many GP surgeries remove sutures for free.

Follow up visits for examination, phonecalls, support after the procedure: Free (included in initial charge) within reason, unless needs of patient excessive or mainly psychological.

UK private health insurances rarely cover Minor Surgery.

Please be aware do not directly deal with any UK based Private Insurance. Why?

Most UK based private insurances do not cover procedures classed mainly as cosmetic. International insurances differ in that they often include such procedures.

We can send you a standard invoice for any work carried out via email. This service is specifically designed for patients without private insurance or where the insurance does not cover cosmetic Minor Surgical Procedures.

You will get an automated invoice via email upon request for free. We can provide detailed or bespoke invoices for £20-£50 per invoice depending on the time taken, alterations made etc.

Finally a few words of caution:

It is not always easy to be absolutely clear about a skin lesion through a picture. If we are not sure we may have to ask you to come for a consultation first.

We will carry out any diagnosis and surgery with great care and if we do not believe we offer the best service for your problem we will tell you so. If Dr Kittel cannot remove a lesion himself he will advise you about the most appropriate alternative option.

If we have any doubt about a skin lesion being cancerous during the consultation we will give you sound advice on how to proceed, but not do the surgery ourselves.

Although Dr Kittel is qualified to treat certain skin cancers he chooses not to treat skin cancers himself. He believes skin cancers should be treated in different settings. If we believe there is a chance of skin cancer of 3% or greater we will not treat you in a community setting (in accordance with NICE guidelines), but will recommend an urgent NHS referral within 2 weeks.

If he cuts out a lesion that looks benign and it turns out to be cancer you may need further treatment.  Skin lesions are sent to a reputable lab for analysis.

Furthermore, we would like you to read the section on Contraindications to Cosmetic Minor Surgery

* “Skin lesion” is the general description of any Mole, Lipoma, Cyst, Tag etc.

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