Lipoma Removal Surgery (£250)*

Lipoma Removal Surgery at Thames Valley Surgical Services

Lipoma Removal Surgery is in many cases straightforward because Lipomas are fatty lumps that are often just sitting under the skin. Some Lipomas can prove more challenging because they large or located deeper. In the pictures below we show you a number of Lipomas we have successfully removed.

What Is A Lipoma?

Image of a Lipoma that can be removed at Thames Valley Surgical Services
Picture of a typical Lipoma

A Lipoma is a soft, fatty lump that grows under the skin. It is harmless and can usually be left alone.

Lipomas can occur on any area of skin where there are fat cells. They are usually seen on the shoulders, neck, chest, arms and back. Their range can be from the size of a pea to sometimes very large sizes and they usually grow slowly. The largest Lipoma Dr Kittel has ever seen was the size of a child’s head.

About one in 100 people develop a Lipoma, so they are fairly common. Patients often have one or 2, sometimes many more. Few patients have a larger number, because they may have an inherited condition called familial Lipomatosis.

How Can I Self Diagnose A Lipoma?

You can usually tell if a bump is a Lipoma by pressing it. It usually feels smooth and soft, like rubber or dough, and may move about under the skin. If its larger or in an unusual position, though, it may be worthwhile to have a scan, because it gives you re-assurance and it is also easier to remove it.

I am not sure about my lump

If you are unsure what it is or want a review, please book a review appointment. We can usually confirm the nature of a lump just by examining it

Dangers of a wrong diagnosis

The answer to the question whether or not a Lipoma can be dangerous is, YES, but rarely. There is a rare cancer called Liposarcoma with about a chance of 1-2 per million per year in the UK. They are twice as common in men than in women. If you have a single Lipoma that has been fast growing recently then you should be referred to a specialist centre, i.e. in Oxford. Most patients I see had their Lipoma(s) for years or they have not grown and they are fine. But I am always aware of unusual cases. For example, I saw an older lady with a confirmed Lipoma by a GP and a Dermatologist and an MRI scan confirming it. I did not trust the story of recent growth on the forehead in an older lady and warned them and her nephew, who is a GP. But they really wanted me to go ahead and I did as a favour. I was proven right when it turned out to be a rare tumour. At least the removal diagnosed the problem, the lady had further specialist surgery and is alive and well.

Why getting Lipoma Removal Surgery?

There are a number of reasons to have Surgery, for example if your lump is large or in an obvious place and is affecting your self-esteem. We may also need to remove it if you have discomfort. For example, it may be pressing on a nerve and causing pain. They can be in difficult and private areas, or, like in the picture above (a young ladies back) they can get very large.

Cost of Lipoma Removal Surgery: £250* (arms)

Arm Lipomas are most common. The cost of surgery for the removal of a Lipoma starts at £250. Every further small Lipoma (<3cm) on the arms removed during the same session is typically only an affordable £100. Click here for more detailed pricing. Please be aware laboratory cost and consultation are charged separately. The consultation is free for returning customers. Sometimes they do not need to be sent to the lab. Lipomas on back, front and shoulders particularly larger ones can be more expensive as they can be considerably more difficult to remove. Those and Lipomas of the forehead are typically £500-£800. For Lipomas on all other body regions: Click here for more detailed pricing

Lipoma Cost Total
1st Removal £250* £250
2nd Removal £100 £350
3rd Removal £100 £450
continue with £100 for every further Removal
*Consultation discount of £60 already applied, for a better explanation click here

Surgery at Thames Valley Surgical Services

If you wish to have your lump surgically removed, please contact us on 07973 66 33 55. We will freeze your skin using local anaesthetic prior to skin surgery. Afterwards, we remove your Lipoma(s) with as small an incision as possible. However, large Lipomas often require patient surgery, which can last up to 75 minutes. Small lumps on arms and legs are usually quickly removed. There is usually no more than a fine scar.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment you can contact us or book a clinic appointment online. Alternatively you can ask for a telephone appointment. If you do so, please read the section “How TVVS works”, thoroughly. In case you are worried about pain, please click here to see how we provide painfree surgery.

More Information: For a glossary on minor surgery terms, click here

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Showcasing our work – example of the result of the removal of a very large Lipoma from the left lower back of a young lady after 8 weeks.

This is a young lady. Dr Kittel removed a very large Lipoma from her left lower back. He mobilised it though a very small incision. The resulting fine line scar at 8 weeks is pink, which will subsequently turn white.

image of a very large Lipoma left lower back

Showcasing our work – example of the result of the removal of a large Lipoma at the back of the head of a young gentleman before and right after surgery.

This is a large Lipoma on the bottom of the head / upper neck of a young gentleman. You see the Lipoma is quite large. On the second picture you can see the full appearance right after surgery (note a bit of blood and iodine, sorry). And the third picture shows a faint outline of the previous Lipoma as it was marked by me and the scar being about 60-70% of the Lipoma size only.

Recent work – update in 3 months

If the patient is happy to upload further pictures we will show you the healing after 3 months or so and what the scar looks like. This should be well healed by then and hopefully he will have a great outcome.

image of a Large Lipoma back of head / neck

Showcasing our work – Example of the removal of a very large hip Lipoma on the right hip – 14cm length – before and 10 weeks after removal

Image of a large Lipoma right hip - 14cm - before surgery
14cm Lipoma right hip
Image of the remaining scar on the right hip of a gentleman with a 14cm Lipoma
Remaining scar 10 weeks after Lipoma removal