Face Mole Removal Surgery (£275)*

Face mole removal surgery

Face Mole Removal Surgery (= face lump / intradermal naevus) is in many cases straightforward. We can often shave them rather than cutting them out and suturing them, because face moles are moles that are located under rather than on the skin. Thats why they are often not brown, but white. Sometimes some of the brown colour can break throug. Sometimes, when shaved a flat brown / speckled mole can remain, but if bothersome this can also be removed.

There are other dark facial lesions patients see us to get remove, for example skin tags, warts and syringomas. Some of the pictures below are not strictly speaking moles, but warts, but are discussed in the chapter below due to their mole-like appearance.

What Is a Face mole (= face lump = Intradermal Mole = Intradermal naevus  = White Mole)?


Face mole that can be removed at Thames Valley Surgical Services

A skin coloured small face lump is usually an intradermal naevus. This is a mole is covered by variable amounts of skin. Sometimes the colour of the mole shines through, sometimes the skin looks white.

The term mole is very widely used and can include some skin tags as well as soft naevuses and warty growths. Commonly, moles are darker than the surrounding skin  Classically, Moles are small patches on the skin, which can be flat or raised, that form due to collections of cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes produce the colour (pigment) in your skin. The scientific name for moles is melanocytic naevi.

Intradermal Naevi, which often look like a small face lump, have all the properties of moles, but they are basically raised and often camouflaged.

Example of our work: Removal of a complex face mole above the lip

Image of a mole removal of a facial mole before surgery
Facial mole on the fulcrum
image of the face of a young lady 8 weeks after the removal of a mole above her lip
8 weeks after removal

The example above shows a shave excision of a complex face mole above the lip on the fulcrum of a young lady. The challenge here was to remove the mole completely and retain the shape of the fulcrum. This shot is after 8 weeks. The redness will slowly fade over time and the shape of the fulcrum has been beautifully retained.

Face wart before removal
Warty mole under right eye
image of a patient after the removal of a warty face mole
Same patient just under a year after removal

This gentleman had a warty mole on his right cheek. A year later the lesion remains completely removed and there is no re-occurence.

Picture of a gentleman with moles / warts in his face
Face Moles / warts before removal by Dr Kittel
Picture of the face of a man, who had some moles / warts removed from his face
Nose and both cheeks now completely clear

This man had a number of warty moles cleared up. The most prominent lesion is on his nose, another one on the left cheek and a few on his right cheek. The second picture is taken 1/2 year after the first.

Where Do You Find an Intradermal Naevus?

The classic location for an intradermal naevus is the face, often around the nose in the nasolabial fold. But one can also find them on the scalp, where they look typically different and on many other parts of the body. And for safety we will send it to the laboratory, who will confirm it is not cancer. In the unlikely event it is cancer our “excision biopsy” may have to turn into a wider excision with bigger scarring.

Using Skin Surgery To Remove A Face Lump (Intradermal Naevus)

Prior to any surgery Dr Kittel will numb your skin competently and you will not feel any pain. Depending on size or location of your intradermal naevus Dr Kittel will usually shave or curette the naevus off so that it is level with your skin or soften it and wipe it of often using radiofrequency microcautery. Another option for skin surgery is to do a small excision, which leaves a thinner, but longer scar. Mostly the result is very good, sometimes a small brown patch can persist.

Cost of Intradermal Naevus Removal Surgery: £275*

*The cost of Mole Removal Surgery starts at £275 for a shave excision. For a more detailed price guide click here. Please be aware laboratory cost and consultation are charged separately. The consultation is free for returning customers, but £60 for new customers.

How Will I Know My Face Lump Is Not Cancer?

If you think it may be cancer you should see your GP urgently. Once confirmed it is not cancer Thames Valley Surgical Services take great care of your moles. Every mole will be sent to a medical laboratory for complete peace of mind. We never remove skin cancers. If we feel a lesion may be skin cancer we will advise you to see a hospital based team and how to go about it. However, we specialise in the cosmetic removal of face lump moles.

What  next?

If you wish to make an appointment you can contact us or book an appointment online. Alternatively you can ask for a telephone consultation. If you do so, please read the section “How TVVS works”, thoroughly. If you are worried about pain, please click here to see how we provide painfree surgery.

Further information

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