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Annual Minor Surgery Feedback Comments

Annual Minor Surgery Feedback Review Comments for Thames Valley Surgical Services. While comments are frequently reviewed they are once a year published in an annual document and then checked in a clinical governance meeting for implementation. For real time reviews click here.

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Top Minor Surgery Patient Comments for 2024

Surgical organisation and preparation

“The best organised treatment I ever had”

“The best organized treatment I ever had. The explanations and information shared are outstanding”

“Safe hands”

“As soon as I went in for my consultation I knew I was in safe hands. All staff were amazing & made me feel comfortable. Doctor Kittel explained everything I needed to know. Everything is so perfect & professional.”

Comprehensive organisation and pricing structure

“Website extremely informative & prices were clear”

“Website extremely informative & prices were clear. Lots of very useful information to digest regarding Xanthelasma treatment with photographs, which is why I then went on to choose TVSS.”

“Website easy to use and transparent costings”

“I found the website easy to use, and showed transparent costings. When looking for a clinic to conduct my surgery, I found all the clients feedback and pictures of removals useful. The consultation process ran on time & Dr Kittle answered all my questions. The nurse also provided excellent advice, which I found very helpful.”

Costs given upfront

“Communication was very good and clear. All my questions were answered, and all costs given upfront.”

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Click here for a comprehensive 2023 service review (reviews from 2022)

Top Minor Surgery Reviews for 2023

2022, the year of “feel good” feedback…

An unexpectedly pleasant experience.

I can only describe the minor surgery I had as an unexpectedly pleasant experience. Dr Kittel had administered local anaesthetic which I did not even feel. Having cleaned the area we had an interesting discussion. I asked him if he had started cutting yet and he replied I have just finished the stitching. I hadn’t felt a thing – amazing!

Compared with previous experience

I had a couple of lipomas removed on the NHS a number of years ago, and for a few days after, I was in pain with bruising and struggled to sleep. However with Dr Kittel, I had 15 lipomas removed and was not in much pain at all. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to sleep or would struggle moving, but that wasn’t the case.

Warmth and personal attention….

Very impressed with the warmth and personal attention given by Dr Kittel during the initial consultation. He listened to what I was saying very carefully and then advised me what he could do for me so I had no hesitation in booking for treatment right away. Afterwards Leanne in the office went through everything again with me giving me loads of information and helpful advice. The date offered for treatment was only a week after consultation so again very impressive

Comfortable, friendly, professional, friendly…

Everyone made me feel so comfortable from my very 1st email of enquiry. All staff are so friendly and explained everything easily. Everything was so professional and everyone so caring. I came out after my consultation and was 100% sure that I would go back for my procedure as I felt so at ease.

The nurse understood me excactly

The nurse rang me after my initial enquiry, and made me immediately feel at ease. She understood exactly the treatment I required and was very knowledge providing excellent information and advice. The Nurse was able to confirm my appointment on that very call, and I was sent a confirmation email that same day including excellent instructions on how to find the clinic.
[Note, we try to provide clinicians on the phone whenever we can]

I didn’t feel a thing

Dr. Kittel and the nurse lady were very well prepared, professional and friendly. I was made assured to relax following their clear guidance. The procedure was surprisingly quick and I didn’t feel a thing! I was able to go to work right away after the procedure

Feel calm and comfortable

My experience was extremely positive! Dr Kittel and the nurse were both very lovely during the procedure. They made me feel very calm and comfortable throughout and explained what they were doing at each stage. They also provided detailed aftercare instructions, which made me feel very reassured

Such lovely people

I was a little nervous, Martin and Nikki made me feel so at ease and I never felt a thing! They made me laugh and it was over before I knew it. I would 100% recommend the clinic to anyone. They talked me through the whole thing and about my family etc, which made me more at ease. Great service with such lovely people! I cannot thank them both enough! I am one very happy lady.

The surgery was a very relaxing process

The surgery was a very relaxing process, which might be strange to say, but I was a bit nervous about it and how painful it would be. However I just sat/lay down for an hour and a half and had about 15 lipomas removed. I would highly recommend Dr Kittel. I was very impressed with the whole process, and obviously it cost a fair amount, but I would definitely do it again, and am likely to do so next year as I have a number of lipomas which again need removing

Hardly felt the needle

Very Calming , I Was a bit nervous but felt at ease quite quickly , Hardly felt the needle going in administering the pain relief.

I found the whole experience enjoyable

I had 7 lipomas removed in one go from various places in my body. I found the whole experience enjoyable – Dr Kittel and nurse Nikki were extremely professional yet friendly, kept me entertained by making small talk, and also explained what was happening during the procedure!

I forgot I was in the middle of a procedure

I haven’t had any procedures in the past but it didn’t even bother me. The communication regarding life as well as the procedure flowed for the 20 mins. I nearly forgot I was in the middle of a procedure. The bubbly nurse on duty added very well to the relaxed atmosphere.”

Weight off my shoulder

After watching the after care video I went home feeling like a weight had been lifted
off my shoulder, literally! I know they will be there with any after care questions I
may have.

Disability and dignity

Because I had some mobility issues things weren’t as straight forward as they might have been for another patient with my need for treatment, but nothing was too much trouble for Dr Kittel and the nurse caring. In fact they couldn’t have done anymore than they did. They showed me respect, dignity and the greatest concern for my safety and well being at all times. The surgery itself was carried out way beyond what I had expected, it was very quick, painless and at all times I was informed of what was happening. There was even some music playing very quietly in the background to calm, reassure and to distract if required, but for me I felt very relaxed based on how I was being cared for and considered. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this clinic or in having further treatment myself should I ever need to again.

Very kind, very thoughtful and caring

It was the easiest experience I have had with a hospital procedure. Very kind, very thoughtful and caring, especially Dr Kittle’s nurse who held my hand to comfort me. Dr Kittel is amazing at what he does too, professional, clear and kind. It is clear he loves his work! Thank you so much for being available for this kind of work!

19 Lipomas removed – didn’t feel any pain

Had phoned a few surgeries, this one felt right. Made to feel comfortable & relaxed having 19 lipomas removed didnt feel any pain with the first one removed the anxiety went, in for 2 hours had good chat, both have a good sense of humour very Professional 10 out of 10. Most Grateful to Dr Kittle, Nurse Leanne

3rd visit

This is my 3rd visit for minor surgeries and as before everything is very clean and expertly done . I was going to an event the following evening and wanted my hair to look okay and they did a marvellous job cleaning the hair around the stitches. Thank you

Great sense of humour

I totally forgot I was actually having an op and before I knew it, it was over. Totally relaxed environment and Dr Kittel explained throughout the procedure of the op and also with a great sense of humour.

Impressive level of service

As one of my wounds was bleeding even after I applied pressured, I texted Dr Kittel to seek guidance and he called me back to give me guidance. I was with friends when Dr Kittel called and even they were impressed by the level of service

Scar is way smaller than expected

All very good. The email with the info came through super quickly and Dr Kittel made sure that I had received it. I have had no pain, not even any discomfort since the procedure. I am aware of the area and it feels a little tight, but that’s it, no painkillers needed. And the scar is way smaller than I thought it would be 🙂 Don’t know how you fitted all that gunk out through that little incision!

I waited years

I would just like to say a big thank you to Dr Kittel and his team. I have waited years to have a lipoma removed from my upper arms, always to scared to have it removed. I cannot believe how quick, painless and easy the whole procedure was from start to end. I wish I had heard of Dr Kittel and his team when the lipoma was smaller.

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Top Minor Surgery Reviews 2022

Good Price – good service

Large Lipoma…

I needed a large lipoma removed from my upper arm. As these are not dealt with
under the NHS, a friend recommended attending a well known Health Care clinic for
a consultation. The consultant showed some concern over the size of the lipoma and
advised that removal would involve a general anaesthetic and a day in the hospital. I
must admit I had never considered this to be an option and found the thought
somewhat alarming. Anyway the quote I received for this was totally unacceptable.,
so I decided to look elsewhere. I went online and found the very informative website hosted by Dr Kittel. I subsequently arranged a
consultation during which I was impressed by Dr Kittel’s professionalism and
reassuring manner. There was no mention of a general anaesthetic, and although the
lipoma was large the procedure would be straight forward and that I would be there
for about one hour. The quote received was very competitive, so I had no hesitation
in arranging for the procedure to go ahead.

Good booking system

  • Very slick and efficient booking system. Speedy communication, very professional
    and friendly also.
  • The booking process was easy and efficient, and the communication was great. The
    intial consultation was thorough and they explained everything i needed to know,
    and outlined next steps

Comparative Transparency

I had spoken to a few surgeries about the removal and found TVVS to be of the very highest standard. They were responsive, clear, and provided exactly what they advertised on their website. The website itself is a bit out dated but the information is clear, the forms are easy enough to fill in. Overall the experience before the procedure was excellent.


Dr Kittel is clearly very skilled. Each action was carefully considered before hand and
the best method selected. I had a lot of small facial incisions. The initial anaesthetic
injections were inevitably but only briefly painful. After that there was no pain at


I was a little apprehensive on the day of my procedure, especially as the first clinic
advised a general anaesthetic. Would a local completely eliminate the pain and
cutting sensation. My fears were absolutely groundless, helped largely by Dr Kittel’s
confident nature and calming influence. I experienced neither of these sensations
throughout the fortythree minutes of the procedure. A couple of times I felt a mild
discomfort, but this was quickly and effectively eased. All in all I look back and think
I’m so pleased that I found Dr Kittel’s website.


I felt very at ease during my surgery I said I was slightly nervous and Dr Kittel and the
assisting nurse were lovely and kept me at ease. He even made a joke while
administering the local anaesthetic, I mentioned I would have to wait 18 months to
have under the NHS and his response was “I’ll have it out in 18 minutes” he told me
what he was doing as he was doing it. It was a quick and painless surgery, afterwards
he addressed any questions I had and asked me how I was feeling. I got to see my
Lipoma and couldn’t believe the size of it. I was asked to stay and watch the short
aftercare video which Dr Kittel created explaining what to do and expect in my
recovery. I am very grateful to Dr Kittel and his team

Caring and friendly

Everyone was very caring and friendly during the procedure which was painless and
quick so thank you very much to the staff

In control – model surgeon

I thought that Dr Kittel was brilliant; calm, reassuring, in control. Talked through
everything as it happened. I am a squeamish bloke and I thought that he was
brilliant. No pain at all, other than the pin prick of painkillers. I would say that Dr
Kittel was a model of what you want from a surgeon. I would have no fear of

Dr Kittel was absolutely masterful whist carrying out my treatment and I was most
impressed with how comfortable he made me feel both before and after my
treatment. I have only good things to say about Dr Kittel and his staff.


Video support

Provided with a video to assist. Lots of information is provided and any questions are
followed up.

It was a painfree experience. I am very happy . Dr Kittel also gave thorough details
of what to do after the surgery and it was very helpful

Weight off my shoulder

After watching the after care video I went home feeling like a weight had been lifted
off my shoulder, literally! I know they will be there with any after care questions I
may have.

Review appointment easy to obtain…

I contacted the clinic a few days after minor surgery. I was reassured instantly, was
given an appointment to go back to se Dr Kittel. After a few days the minor surgery
rectified itself, communication between myself and the clinic was 5⭐️. No need to
attend further appointment after communicating via email with photos.

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Top Minor Surgery Reviews 2021

Care and Skill

Large Lipoma…

“Everything went very well and i am very pleased with the result. It was a rather large Lipoma i had removed but this never seem to be a problem for Dr Kittel.” (note, it was huge)

Stress free…

“5* it was a very stress free experience I have to say I was very nervous about arranging the appointment and quite scared but they was so lovely caring and very professional they was able to answer any question I had and quickly thank you so much.”


“From the very beginning I had the feeling that I was in the hands of professionals. Perfect communication ,explanation by phone and e-mail and warm welcome.”

Everything worked […] very efficiently…

“Everything worked, in accordance with the instructions and procedures given, very efficiently. Also, the welcome on the day was warm and both Dr Kittel and the nurse put me at my ease with their relaxed but very professional manner.”

Did not feel anything at all

“Excellent service, clear description of what was happening and most importantly did not feel anything at all.”

Easier than […] the dentist

“Dr Kittel and the nurse couldn’t have been more caring and helpful. He explained what was happening all through the procedure. I could feel what was happening but there was no real pain or discomfort. Overall it was absolutely nothing to worry about, certainly easier than a visit to the dentist!”


“The procedure was painless, and Dr Kittel very reassuring, and explains everything very well. All in all very, very efficient.”

After 3 weeks […] would never know I had a split ear

“Dr Kittel and Nikki were great. Made me feel very relaxed ,explained everything that was going on and was lovely also to have music . I felt very comfortable and was amazed at the results. I’m now only about 2-3 weeks on and would never know I had a split ear . Very tidy professional surgery”

Very friendly welcome

“Thank you Dr Kittel for very friendly welcome and painless surgery very Professional would definitely recommend.”

Dr Kittel […] Probably at the top of his game

“Dr Kittel has an apparent wide experience of undertaking the procedure I required. He made this known beforehand and it became evident during the operation that this together with the use of excellent equipment made the whole process go very well and better than I expected. It was over in a trice! Nothing was missed and he carried everything out very efficiently but in a relaxed and easy going style. The saying that ‘he made that look easy’ springs to mind, as he’s very good at what he does and is probably ‘at the top of his game”


Zero pain

“Zero pain after the operation, with just some mild itching and even after only a few days the mark is faint.”

Healing well

“Excellently stitched up wound, clean and healing well. Provided with additional plasters and a suture [removal kit] for stitch removal.”

Attention to detail

“Very good with attention to detail and written back up of all advice.”


“Impressed with the swift response to my initial contact with Dr Kittel’s medical team.”

“Very organised and friendly staff dealt with my booking etc”

“Everything was excellent. Very Efficient and professional.”

“From the very beginning I had the feeling that I was in the hands of professionals. Perfect communication ,explanation by phone and e-mail and warm welcome.”

“Excellent booking service. Thank you”