Least stressful procedure ever!

Thank you Pauline, for your kind feedback…


I was anxious before the surgery but everything I have read on the site and meeting convinced me I would be fine.

My meeting before the procedure was straight forward and I felt I was in professional hands.


It was the easiest experience I have had with a hospital procedure. Very kind, very thoughtful and caring, especially Dr Kittels nurse who held my hand to comfort me.

Dr Kittel is amazing at what he does too, professional, clear and kind. It is clear he loves his work!

Thank you so much for being available for this kind of work!


It has been a week after my procedure and I it has been the least stressful procedure ever! I hardly knew I had my lipoma removed. No pain, no medical issues and the healing is going so well. Everything I have had done was with expert knowledge of how the body works and heals, it gave me the confidence to relax into the aftercare information that was given.