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Easy Payment Policy

A down-payment for the consultation can be made below. Following the quote at the initial appointment all card payments are made to the service prior to surgery. Refunds in full are granted up to 1 week before the procedure (more detail under refunds).

To be efficient we request full payment of the procedure when you decide to go ahead or at the latest at the time of the appointment. After your clinical assessment and with our quote we send you a payment link in case you want to go ahead. You can complete payment there and then or at the time of booking the appointment over the phone.

We do not process card payments in clinic. If you wish to pay in cash you need to secure your appointment for surgery with a deposit of £150, which can either be used as a partial payment or be refunded after cash payment on the day in full.

Pay £60 for a personal clinical assessment (compulsory). Timing usually Wednesdays or Fridays between 6pm and 8pm (recommended option). This requires the submission of an application and pre-consent form (if you can come to an appointment it is far superior to do this face to face)

Or you pay £60 for a telephone assessment: This requires the submission of an application and pre-consent form (if you can come to an appointment it is far superior to do this face to face) and the submission of 1 or more excellently focussed photos (not selfies) are compulsory (this is easy to achieve with some easy forms we sent you. Please note video consultation is not focussed enough for a precise assessment.

Pay £35 for Suture Removal: Note, only for procedures carried out by Thames Valley Surgical Services. We do not usually remove sutures from other surgeons

How to Book a Consultation Online | What happens after Payment

To start the process for a Minor Surgery, please make a down-payment for a clinical assessment. When you have paid, we will send you a link where we ask you to complete some general details (within 1 business day). Please click the link and complete the form.

Once we have entered your personal details from the form onto our clinical system we will send you a 3 emails:

  1. A Welcome Email
  2. A link to an Application Form (to learn about your medical history)
  3. A link to a Pre-Consent form (to clarify some issues and side effects in Minor Surgery).

Please complete both forms prior to attending a (telephone) appointment. Following the completion of the forms, please call us on 07973 663355 for an appointment.

During the Clinical assessment we will talk through the procedure, alternatives, side effects and all your questions and sign the consent form. Sometimes, (1:50), we cannot carry out a procedure. If so, we will email you an explanatory letter that you can take to your GP or a specialist after the appointment.

Following the Clinical Assessment Appointment we will send you a Quote for your procedure. Dont worry, there are no hidden price hikes, everything will usually be as outlined on the Price Guide.

How to book a Procedure Online | What happens after Payment

Please note, you can only book an appointment for a procedure after you had a clinical assessment. After your assessment we send you a quote and a payment link. If you wish to go ahead, all you have to do is complete payment and book your appointment. When you book the appointment for the Procedure we will also email you a pre-surgical advice sheet.

Our rates quoted via mail following the appointment are inclusive rates (includes doctor & nurse time, theatre time and materials). Health Services are VAT free. You can expect us to use modern high quality equipment and follow extensive anti-infection procedures to avoid MRSA or other infections. For evidence, please review our CQC report.

Where a procedure was already agreed and is cancelled by us for clinical reasons (i.e. surgeon, after discussion with a colleague decides a procedure needs to be carried out by a different specialist) you will get a full refund of all fees and a free letter for your GP or yourself to outline next steps within 5 working days from appointment.

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