Price Guide 2020

Price Guide 2020

Below our up-to-date Price Guide for 2020. Learn more about our Cancellation and appointment re-scheduling policy. Or you may wish to start the process and pay for an appointment online

Prices for all procedures below are exclusive of the discount* of £60 you can apply to the final price when you have seen the doctor for a consultation. Thus, if the total price stated is £300 that means you will pay £240 once the consultation charge has been discounted.

Returning patients: If you are a returning patient who has had previous surgery with us, you will get your consultation for free and still get a £60 discount on the prices listed below*.

*discount applied if surgery booked within 1 month of quotation

Type of skin lesion Fee[i] Lab Cost Is Lab Fee negotiable?[ii]
Consultation for Assessment – discounted from cost of surgery (10 minutes, longer consultations possible at additional cost)
£60 N/A N/A
Small Cyst (1cm) £310 £75 No
Medium Cyst (2-3.9cm) £410 £75 No
Large Cyst (4cm and larger) Bespoke pricing £75 No
First Small Lipoma (arms and legs) £310 £75 Yes
Lipoma front and back (up to 4cm) £360 £75 Yes
Large Lipoma, Forehead Lipoma, large cyst on back, unusual skin lesions. generally £500-£800 £75 Yes
   Every further small Lipoma[iii] £100 £25 Yes
Raised Mole (shave excision) £260 £75 No
Flat Mole (full excision with stitches) £310 £75 No
Xanthelasma (Electrodessication) 1 eyelid [v] £310 £0 N/A
   Xanthelasma (Electrodessication) every further eyelid £50 £0 N/A
Small Skin Tag (shave excision) £260 £75 It depends
Every further Skin Tag or Wart (depending on size) £25+ £75 / £25 Yes
Wart (shave excision) £260 £75 / £25 It depends
Any lesion in face / forehead: Lesions on the face are more complex and incur a surcharge. This can also apply to some other areas i.e. lesions on buttocks, breasts, shoulders £50 N/A N/A
Suture removal[iv] £35[iv]    
Split Earlobe Repair (one) £495 £0  
Split Earlobe Repair (two) £695 £0  

[i] Fees are for the actual surgery, doctor and nurse time, theatre time, materials and any follow up required, but not for suture removal. You can take off a discount of £60 for the consultation from the quoted fee above if surgery is booked within 1 month of quotation.

[ii] Lab examinations are required for all skin lesions under best practice guidance and due to clinical governance regulations.. As part of shared decision making they can be occasionally negotiated where the clinical case is overwhelming or patient choice is paramount.

[iii] If completed in 1 session

[iv] GP surgery nurses often carry out stitch removals for free.

[v] repeat Xanthelasma within 3 months (not fully removed in previous session) – 50% of above quoted cost

Please be aware that our pricing structure is based on your ability to complete forms online and being able to access the internet. If you are unable to do so, the prices above do not apply and prices will more reflect the pricing structure of a private hospital. Also, be aware that during COVID we are reliant on the ability of patients to do a lot of things from home and online. So, for a nurse to sit with you to help you to complete your forms in clinic is not appropriate during COVID as these lesions are often classed as cosmetic. Furthermore, the prices are for guidance only. Our staff (surgeons, nurses etc are remunerated for their time and if more time is required the price could increase). Finally, if you are in a moderate to high risk group for COVID you may wish to postpone your procedure.

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