Price Guide 2020

Price Guide 2020

Below our up-to-date Price Guide for 2020. Learn more about our Cancellation and appointment re-scheduling policy. Or you may wish to start the process and pay for an appointment online

Prices for all procedures below are exclusive of the discount* of £60 you can apply to the final price when you have seen the doctor for a consultation. Thus, if the total price stated is £300 that means you will pay £240 once the consultation charge has been discounted.

Returning patients: If you are a returning patient who has had previous surgery with us, you will get your consultation for free and still get a £60 discount on the prices listed below*.

*discount applied if surgery booked within 1 month of quotation

Type of skin lesionFee[i]Lab CostIs Lab Fee negotiable?[ii]
Consultation for Assessment – discounted from cost of surgery£60N/AN/A
Small Cyst (1cm)£310£75No
Medium Cyst (2-3.9cm)£410£75No
Large Cyst (4cm and larger)Bespoke pricing£75No
First Small Lipoma (arms and legs)£310£75Yes
Lipoma front and back (up to 4cm)£360£75Yes
Large Lipoma, Forehead Lipoma, large cyst on back, unusual skin lesions.generally £500-£800£75Yes
   Every further small Lipoma[iii]£100£25Yes
Raised Mole (shave excision)£260£75No
Flat Mole (full excision with stitches)£310£75No
Xanthelasma (Electrodessication) 1 eyelid [v]£310£0N/A
   Xanthelasma (Electrodessication) every further eyelid£50£0N/A
Small Skin Tag (shave excision)£260£75It depends
Every further Skin Tag or Wart (depending on size)£25+£75 / £25Yes
Wart (shave excision)£260£75 / £25It depends
Any lesion in face / forehead: Lesions on the face are more complex and incur a surcharge. This can also apply to some other areas i.e. lesions on buttocks, breasts, shoulders£50N/AN/A
Suture removal[iv]£35[iv]  
Split Earlobe Repair (one)£495£0 
Split Earlobe Repair (two)£695£0 

[i] Fees are for the actual surgery, doctor and nurse time, theatre time, materials and any follow up required, but not for suture removal. You can take off a discount of £60 for the consultation from the quoted fee above if surgery is booked within 1 month of quotation.

[ii] Lab examinations are now legally required for all skin lesions, but can be occasionally negotiated where the clinical case is overwhelming or patient choice is paramount.

[iii] If completed in 1 session

[iv] GP surgery nurses often carry out stitch removals for free.

[v] repeat Xanthelasma within 3 months (not fully removed in previous session) – 50% of above quoted cost

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