Suture Removal

 Suture removal made easy

TVVS offers an inexpensive suture removal service at £35 per nurse appointment needed. Please note in case of a larger number of sutures or lesions removed we may have to book a double appointment.

Alternatives to suture removal at TVVS:

  1. We can supply you with a DIY suture removal kit at the time of surgery at your own risk.
  2. You can book a nurse appointment at your GP surgery, which is usually free in most cases.

Is DIY suture removal easy?

Yes, it is usually very easy. Dr Kittel tends to use only 2 types of sutures:

  1. interrupted sutures and
  2. mattress sutures

We are currently developing a video. Until then, please check online. If you are worried, call our service and a nurse can talk you through.