Split earlobes: why you get them and how we fix them (£535)

Split Earlobe that can be repaired with Minor Surgery

Split earlobes: Why you get them

Split earlobes are caused by wearing earrings or injury or trauma. They can appear in the form of a complete tear or an elongated earlobe. There are various lengths of incomplete tears and partially split earlobes. Split earlobes can make you feel less confident and stop you from wearing earlobes

Earlobe Surgery

Introduction to Split earlobe repair surgery

Split earlobe repair is a simple minor surgical procedure under Local Anaesthetic with no pain whatsoever. The final result is usually a thin scar which fades over time.

Split earlobe repair surgery in detail:

  • Initially we decide with you whether or not we do a partial of full repair. There are several options of repair which we discuss at the consultation.
  • Now we mark the area that needs to be excised
  • Then we give you local anaesthetic. The local anaesthetic is extremely good and can work for several hours.
  • Following the anaesthetic we excise the area that needs repairing. We refresh the edges
  • Now we approximate the edges using very fine stitches
  • Then we apply a plaster, which stays on until the stitches are removed around 10 days after the procedure.

Risks of split earlobe repair

There will be a permanent scar over the earlobe after the repair. Most patients will have a light scar although some can be more pronounced. Most people who undergo split earlobe repair recover well  without any other significant complications. However, is important to be aware of the other potential risks of surgery:

  • recurrence of the tear
  • lumpy scarring (called hypertrophic or keloid scars)
  • More pronounced scarring than usual
  • bruising
  • infection
  • swelling
  • altered sensation or numbness
  • a notched earlobe next to the scar (heart shaped appearance)
  • poor healing or wound separation
Image of an earlobe before and after surgery

Split Earlobe Repair Before and After Surgery

This 30 year old lady had a split earlobe repair with Dr Martin Kittel. The photo was taken 6 months after the repair. But she told us it had healed like this weeks after surgery. You can see absolutely scar free healing, which is not unusual as they heal well. Others will have a minor scar and a few a more pronoounced scar. This lady has decided not to have them re-pierced due to her natural good looks and the fact that earrings seem to cause her eczema to flare (which you can see in the first picture).

What pain will I get when you repair my split earlobe?

Split earlobe repair is NOT painful. Local anaesthetic works quickly and completely when Dr Kittel applies it. Dr Kittel is an expert in Local Anasthesia, which you can also see from feedback on this website by other patients.

You will be lying down and feel completely relaxed under a drape and do not have to witness surgery at all. You hear a bit of scraping and that’s it.

Even in recovery split earlobes are NOT particularly painful and I have never had a call back before pain.

Simple painkillers like Ibuprofen or Paracetamol or intermittent icing will all reduce pain, but are not usually required.

What types of earlobe repairs are there? Which earlobes can be repaired?

Type of Earlobe


Full split


Partial Split


Small Stretched Earlobe <5mm


Large stretched Earlobe >5mm


Double split 1 earlobe


*Needs prior assessment. Cost may vary

What is the process to get a surgical earlobe repair?

Once you have booked the consultation online we will send you links to an application and consent form. We will ask you to complete the application form as thoroughly as possible including the upload a picture. When completing the consent form we want you to ask as many questions as you want.

The torn skin edges are excised in a V-shaped pattern and the fresh edges are then stitched together with sutures which need to remain in place for about a week.

Can I work after earlobe repair? And what about driving and exercise? Can I drink alcohol before and after earlobe repair and what about smoking?

Work: Its probably wise to rest for the remainder of the day.

Exercise: We would recommend no exercise for at least 3 days. 

Driving: Generally, we believe it is always better to be driven home after surgery, but we believe the amount of local anaesthetic we use does not interfere with the safe operation of a car. 

Smoking: Infection risk decreases dramatically if you stop smoking or switch to vaping 3 weeks before the procedure and until after complete healing has occured. This is due to the fact that if you smoke Carbon Monoxide clogs up your red blood cells and this prevents healing as not enough fresh Oxygen reaches the wound. The infection risk in smokers is 500% higher than in Vapers and Non-smokers.

Alcohol: 2 days strictly no alcohol and try to avoid too much alcohol until full healing has occured (low amounts).

Ear eczema and earlobe repair

If you have eczema on your earlobe or behind your ear (see picture above in the 30 year old lady I treated) this should be completely resolved before surgery as otherwise infection is a high risk and the earlobe could split again during recovery.

Hugging, kissing and direct body contact after earlobe repair

One of our ladies split her earlobe after surgery because somebody hugged her and kissed her quite roughly, so it pays to be a little reserved for a week or so. 

Healing times and other advice for earlobe aftercare and recovery after earlobe surgery

Healing is very much age and race dependent, also dependent on the time of the year (Generally quicker healing in summer as more Vitamin D in the body) and stitch removal is usually 7-14 days after surgery. Once I removed the stitches of an older Asian lady too early and the earlobe split again. So, I booked her in for another repair a week later and just applied a plaster in the meanwhile. When she came back we both expected further surgery to be carried out and we were both pleasantly surprised to find complete healing had occured.

Consultation Fee (Non refundable)£60
Split Earlobe Repair (One)£535
Split Earlobe Repair (Two)£835

Dr Kittel also carries out earlobe repairs where the split is not complete. However, we do not currently carry out enlarged / stretched / tribal earlobe repairs (unless they are quite small). Also, earlobes with more than 1 tear need an individual assessment.

If you wish to make an appointment you can contact us or book a clinic appointment online. Alternatively you can ask for a telephone appointment. If you do so, please read the section “How TVVS works”, thoroughly. If you are worried about pain, please click here to see how we provide painfree surgery.

More Information: For a glossary on minor surgery terms, click here

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Timings for earlobe piercing after earlobe repair surgery

You can re-pierce your ear 3 months after the procedure, but be aware the scar tissue is never quite as sturdy as skin and it is probably wise to just wear studs. Essentially, if your earrings are too heavy, your earlobes will split again.

Do you offer earlobe piercing?

Yes, we offer a doctor led earlobe piercing service for £95. We can provide local anaesthetic for the piercing.


Split earlobe = Torn earlobe
Earlobe surgery = earlobe repair = earlobe repair surgery = split earlobe repair = split earlobe surgery = split earlobe repair surgery.