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Introduction to the TVSS Price Guide

Below our up-to-date Price Guide for 2022. It is very important you read the price guide very carefully, because skin surgery is complex and not all lesions can be priced the same. However, we have tried to include most situations below and you should be able to get a pretty good idea of the cost. Please note, returning patients get the consultation with Dr Kittel for free. This also includes previous vasectomy patients, that paid for the procedure themselves.

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Transparent affordable pricing is our mission

We are trying to be cost-competitive without impairing the quality of the work completed. TVSS is trying to reduce the cost of community Minor Surgery and be as transparent as possible. You will find few if any other providers that offer the same degree of transparency. You are unlikely to get  significantly lower prices elsewhere. To be transparent and avoid misunderstandings we need you to read and understand the information below in detail.

Please read the first three explanatory sections under “General Pricing Information” below. Also be aware a consultation at TVVS is held very low at £60. In fact you get a qualified doctor to give you a medical opinion as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the options for your removal.

Learn more about our Cancellation and appointment re-scheduling policy.

General Pricing Information

How to read pricing information

We display prices in the following format:

   £235 / £175 / £25

  • The first figure (£235) is for the first lesion removed
  • The second figure (£175) means the £60 consultation fee has been removed from the price. We apply this reduction if you book your surgery within 1 month of the consultation. The second price is aways accurate for returning customers. See more under “consultation”
  • The third figure (£25) is for the removal of the second and all further lesions. The third figure also applies for different lesions (i.e. your first lesion may be a cyst, the second one a Lipoma, except for fixed price lesions)

General principles of price calculation

Fees quoted are for the actual surgery, doctor and nurse time, theatre time, materials and any follow up required, but not for suture removal. You can take off a discount of £60 for the consultation from the quoted fee above if you book within 4 weeks of quotation.

Fixed price surgery vs bespoke pricing

Fixed price surgery

There are many types of surgery we offer fixed prices for, because they are simple and rarely cause any problems. Examples are Lipomas on Arms and legs, abdomen, lower back, Xanthelasmas (cholesterol deposits on eyes), earlobe repairs, small skin tag removals, milia removals, wart removals, mole cut outs on body of a small mole (5mm and less), shave excisions body and usually also face, but not breasts. We price even larger lesions on the body extremely competitively.

Bespoke Pricing

Other lesions are more difficult and require more time, bespoke pricing and sometimes referral to a colleague (not always). Generally, we are much less expensive than private hospitals and I often say to patients we “charge hundreds, not thousands”.

Examples are face based deeper lesions like Forehead Lipomas or deep Face Cysts. Lesions on the nose, breasts, deep lesions in the armpits, lesions on hands and feet (hand / foot surgeon), sometimes lesions on the shin. Deep lesions on the upper back are often quite challenging, especially large cyst. And giant Lipomas are also more expensive.

Why is it cheaper when I have more surgery?

The first lesion price contains a lot of the fixed costs the clinic has in welcoming you as a patient. We have to create a full patient record, keep it for 6-10 years, set you up for surgery, do your anaesthetic, write your operation report, pay for insurance, pay our overheads, pay for CQC etc etc. Subsequent lesions take significantly less time as you are already with us. This standard charge is £210 and included in the first lesion you remove with us. All other lesions are then charged at the third price in the row.

And finally…

Even we don’t always get it right. If there are any inconsistencies on this website or on your quote, please let us know. But if the quote follows what it says on this page, then it is correct and a professional fee we cannot divert from.

Why is it cheaper to have more lesions removed?

Please be aware the quotes below do not contain the cost of laboratory examination which is often not necessary in Lipomas.

The first lesion is commonly 2-3 times more expensive than any further lesion removed in the same session. This is due to the fact that we have to calculate significant change over and documentation time. We have to pay for theatre costs, staff, insurance and keep every record for 6-10 years. There are many more associated costs.

The second, third and 4th lesion can be done straight afterwards and therefore the price is lower. An example is a Lipoma on the arm or leg.

How we calculate the price fo your quote (example of 5 Lipomas)

Typically a first Lipoma costs £250 Every further Lipoma on arms or legs is typically only £100. This is based of a simple arm or leg Lipoma (up to 4cm).

Example: Price for the removal of 5 Lipomas (without labs, your choice)

Thus, if we remove 5 Lipomas the average cost per Lipoma drops to £250+£100+£100+£100+£100 =£650*. Divide it by 5 Lipomas and you pay £130 per Lipoma (without lab costs).

*If the Lipomas are sent to the laborary then the additional lab costs as outlined under the lab section apply

Specific Pricing Information

A clinical assessment for suitability of Minor Surgery

We want to provide you with a proper clinical assessment and also ensure you are advised about your condition and the options for the treatment. Therefore our assessment is always with a doctor, not a nurse or assistant, and usually with the surgeon treating you. The definition of a returning customer is one that had surgery or a self-pay vasectomy with us, before.

Price of assessment £60 / Free

The cost for a clinical assessment is £60. We deduct the price of the assessment from the price of the final procedure if the procedure is booked and paid for within 4 weeks of the assessment (the actual date of the procedure can be in the future). Returning patients get one free assessment and still get the £60 discount, essentially saving every time they return for more surgery. However, the discount does not apply for returning Xanthelasma treatments within 3 months from the first treatment as they are already discounted by 50%. Also, if an appointment is not attended the next consultation is charged.

Please watch the video below prior to your assessment to be well prepared when you attend. Also ensure you complete and understand fully the application and pre-consent form and following the appointment read the pre-surgical preparation form we will send to you.

If we cannot go ahead

If we cannot go ahead we will explain why and if possible signpost you to another service. We will provide a short email for the colleague receiving the referral. The email will go to you.

If we are not sure its benign

If we are not sure that a lesion could be cancerous we will provide an email for your GP recommending a 2 week wait referral to an NHS colleague or recommend a private colleague or specialty you should urgently contact like a dermatologist.

Inadvertent removal of a malignant tumour

At times a lesion we remove may inadvertently turn out to be cancerous. If this is the case we will also have an in-depth discussion with you about next steps, provide an email, attempt to contact your GP if at all possible via email / telephone and provide a letter and a copy your lab results.

If your lump requires diagnostics

Sometimes we have to base the decision to go ahead on the results of an ultrasound scan. We have a fixed price agreement with the Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead and will refer you for a scan for £285. If you require other diagnostics, we will provide an email for your GP

When a dermatological opinion is helpful

Occasionally, we will recommend you see a dermatology colleague for an opinion prior to removal of a mole. The cost of this is in the region of £200. If he confirms the lesion is benign we remove it, if not, he will refer you appropriately to cancer specialist services.

If a private prescription for medication is required

We will provide a private prescripton for free, but you need to print it and take it to your pharmacy. A pharmacist will not accept a document on your phone and may ask us to send a signed original.

All the above is included in the cost of £60, which is much more than you tend to get from a consultation in a private hospital costing from £200 upwards.

Additional Services at additional cost

Additional consultation or repeat prescription required: £60. This would apply if a patient has not booked within 3 months and did not go ahead with any surgery following a previous consultation. In this case a patient will be treated like a new patient. Also, additional medical consultations, for example for repeat prescriptions and new assessments are £60 for a short consultation and £120 for a longer more thorough assessment and consultation

Non-electronic services

At our discretion we may occasionally provide non-electronic consultations where we print paperwork, support the patient while completing it, provide qualified professional staff and require staff to print and post paperwork. For us this comes at a high cost to the service as all the paperwork afterwards also has to be scanned in and coded as it is not digitally available for audit. Our low prices are based on digital engagement of patients. At all times we would advise not digitally connected to use a family member or similar as this will be significantly less expensive.

COVID restrictions

This service is not possible during lockdown or times of extreme COVID dangers as many patients, who are not digitally connected, are also very vulnerable. The cost for such additional services can be substantial and we will quote depending on nurse and doctor time needed. It is at least £120 for the consultation and other cost may be added.

Translation services for consultation / surgery

Ideally, if your English is not good, you will bring a person you trust for translation purposes. However, where this is not possible we will attempt (depending on language and subject to availability) to provide remote translation services for non-english patients. Please advise us of your need. The price for this service is £220, which includes the cost of the consultation. We will also provide a translator to be present during surgery for an additional £250 on top of the surgery cost. Please be aware this service may not be available during COVID due to risk vs benefit issues.

Examinations in the laboratory

Laboratory examinations are necessary for all skin lesions under best practice guidance and due to clinical governance regulations.. As part of shared decision making we can negotiate this where the clinical case is overwhelming or patient choice is paramount. Lab costs for the first skin lesion removed are £105. All further lesions removed only cost £50. As you can see, like with our own services, there is a huge discount if more than one lesion is sent to the lab. Finally, if we decide together that we believe a laboratory investigation not to be necessary you will need to sign a disclaimer. Only occasionally the lab will charge more or additional costs. We will then ask you for the extra cost and give you a reason later.

Costings for Lipomas without lab costs (mostly not required) and suture removals

Fixed price Lipomas

  • Uncomplicated (muliple) Lipomas on arms under 4cm are £310 / £250 / £100.
  • Uncomplicated (multiple) Lipomas on legs under 4cm are £335 / £275 / £125
  • Lipomas on upper / mid back, scalp and buttocks under 3cm are at least £410 / £350 / £200
  • Lipomas on chest, abdomen and lower back are under 3cm are £360 / £300 / £150

Bespoke Price Lipomas

  • Large / very large Lipomas are usually between £500 and £800 and occasionally more.
  • Forehead Lipomas tend to be £500-£800

Costings of cysts including lab costs but without suture removal

All cysts require to be sent off to the lab as 1 in 10 “cysts” turn out to be different usually benign tumours of other origin sometimes requiring regular follow up. You should avoid a service not sending your cyst to the lab, even if it is cheaper.

Finally, please note that the cyst size of deep cysts does not represent what you see on the surface (“tip of the iceberg”), but the actual inside size on palpation (feeling the cyst).

Fixed price cysts

  • Cautery of very small milia type surface cysts i.e. face or scrotum are £310 / £250 / £100. We cannot send them off to the lab after cauterisation.
  • Small surface cysts anywhere or usually deeper cysts on arms and legs (1cm or less) are typically £360 / £300 / £150. This does not include laboratory costs, please check for fees in the lab section.*
  • Scalp cysts and body cysts up to 1cm are usually £385 / £325 / £175 and 2cm-3cm are £435 / £375 / £225. Larger cysts may require a scan and are priced bespoke, typically £500-£800. This does not include laboratory costs, please check for fees in the lab section.*

Bespoke price cysts usually £500-£800 (may also require scan)

  • Deep cysts in the face
  • Deep cysts in the neck
  • Cysts of the upper back (deep) and larger cysts generally and particularly on the upper back.

We are always fair and transparent and we base prices mainly on time it takes to carefully remove your lesion.

*Please check in the section above about laboratory costs.

Costings of skin tag removal without laboratory cost*. These are shave excisions.

Very small (1mm) skin tags on neck or body cost £235 / £175 / £25.

Skin tags on the body over 2mm are usually £260 / £200 / £50

Face skin tags are usually £285 / £E225 / £75, rarely more than that depending on complexity.

Large skin tags require full excisions, particularly where you can feel a body to the tag under the skin. In this case you require a full excision and suturing. This should usually be £310 / £250 / £100 and rarely more than £360 / £300 / £150.

If a skin tag has to sent to the laboratory, please check above for pricing information.

Cost of Xanthelasma Removal: £310 / £250* / £50

Option 1: Electrodessication = Microcautery of Xanthelasma

The cost of removal for Fatty Cholesterol Deposits around the eye (Xanthelasma) starts at £250* for one eyelid and £50 for every further eyelid, regardless of the size of the Xanthelasma.

Furthermore, if you need a second or third treatment within 3 months of the first treatment we will provide this at 50% of the initial cost (i.e. say you had 2 Xanthelasmas for £300, you will pay £150 for a second treatment)

Option 2: Full surgical removal of Xanthelasma:

Full cutouts are priced at £330* for the first Xanthelasma and £190 for every further Xanthelasma. There are no discounts for further procedures because any further procedure is due to the natural re-occurence of Cholesterol in a new different area (which was not cut out). Please note that this procedure is usually only recommended if there is a degree of laxity in the skin of the eyelid i.e. patients over the age of 45.

* consultation discount of £60 has been applied in this price

Moles are common. Shave excisions are almost always £260 / £200 / £75 which excludes laboratory costs, sometimes cheaper. Very occasionally when they are larger they require full excision and this may add typically only £50 and £100 at most.

*Moles should be sent to the lab. For lab costs please refer to the laboratory section.

Face moles are common. Shave excisions are almost always £310 / £250 / £100 which excludes laboratory costs, sometimes cheaper. Very occasionally when they are larger they require full excision and this may add £100 and £150 at most.

*Please refer to the Laboratory section for lab costs.

Seborrhoeic Wart Removal

Removing Seborrhoeic Warts is usually easy and straightforward. On the body a 1cm wart will be £260 / £200 / £50. A 3cm wart would be £360 / £300 / £150. Warts in the face and on the breast or other delicate areas may be a little more, usually not more than £50 extra. This excludes laboratory costs.

* Laboratory investigations can often be avoided, particularly where multiple warts are involved. If there is a single wart or the examination is not completely clear labs are recommended at the usual rates.

Milia Removal

Very small 1mm milia are inexpensive to remove and the first one is £235 / £175 / £25. Larger milia (2-4mm) present like little cysts and you may have to add £50 to £125 to the cost. Very large milia cysts may need an excision and suturing and this would attract the same pricing structure as displayed under “cysts”

Fixed price repair per split is £595 for one split and £895 for 2 splits. This includes the cost of the consultation.

Cherry angiomas – Campbell de Morgan spots.

Image of Cherry Angiomas also called Campbell-de-Morgan spots

Cherry Angiomas also called Campbell-de-Morgan spots

These usually respond well to Microcautery and we remove them inexpensively, usually as an add on during a clinic. The price starts at £25 for 1-2mm spots and only more if they are larger. If they require shave excision please look under mole prices.

Spider veins in the face and on the nose (not on body)

They respond well to treatment with Microcautery and can be added on (to other treatments) between £25 and £50 per spider vein. Again, if this is the first removal it is likely to cost £175-£200 after consultation discount.

Other rarer lesions

Just contact us for a consultation and we can give advice on what can be done.

Unless quoted otherwise or already part of your quote suture / stitch removal with TVSS is a simple £35. We can also provide you with a free suture removal kit and instructions at the time of surgery or you can contact your GP for suture removal.

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