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If you have any queries please call the office on 07973 663355.

Please arrive with plenty of time to spare (unless the reminder is for a telephone appointment or webinar). Plan at least 10-15 minutes extra to allow for the bad traffic in this area and to be able to calmly arrive, park and find the location. Allow more time if you have a long journey and be aware there is lots of local building and construction going on.

Upon arrival please take a seat in outpatients reception. Please note there is not always a receptionist at St Marks Hospital. If the doors are closed, wait in your car. In any case, text (SMS) your arrival to the clinic phone 07973 663311 (including your location i.e. “I am in reception” or “I am waiting in my car”. Do not call as calls divert to the office. The phone will send you an auto responder so you know we have received your message. We will then respond as soon as we can and give you further instructions or just collect you.

Find below specific advice for a number of different appointments we provide
(the system cannot distinguish what email to send, thus the list below will cover things you are not coming for).

1) Minor Surgery Consultation

2) Minor Surgery Procedure

3) Vasectomy Procedure

1) Minor Surgery Consultation / Clinical Assessment

Have you printed completed your Application and Consent forms and uploaded some photographs? If not, do it now or call the office.

Please watch this video prior to coming to the clinical assessment:

2) Minor Surgery Procedure

Have you printed and read your Pre-Surgical Advice Sheet? Do you know what to do on the day? Is your driver organised? Where appropriate, are your lesions marked?

If you can’t find your pre-surgical advice sheet you can download it here:

3) Vasectomy Procedure Only

You must have had a video webinar / telephone consultation. If not, contact us straight away.

Have you printed / read your Welcome Pack (Private Welcome PackNHS Welcome Pack). In your Welcome Pack have you read the page “Before your vasectomy” and looked through the “dotted list”? Have you shaved? Please go thoroughly through the Welcome Pack and ensure everything is prepared at home, so you have the best possible experience. Also ensure, your driver is organised. Ensure you have painkillers at home and ice bags for your recovery. If your drive is longer than 20 minutes, bring an ice bag for the car.

If you have forgotten everything and cannot find the emails we sent you, Please contact us as soon as possible.

Any Questions? Call us on 07973 663355

Thames Valley Surgical and Vasectomy Services Ltd.