Service Feedback Compared

Real Time Service Feedback Audit

Find below an Audit of Real Time Statistics of our Minor Surgery Service over the last 3 years. All patients are emailed feedback questionnaires after their procedure. As soon as a patient completes a feedback questionnaire it is added to the analysis below real time. Patient comments are published in the more detailed reports annually. For more detailed feedback and patient comments, please click here.


How good was our office in booking your appointment, communicating and explaining questions you may have had, sending you forms, appointment times, text message reminders and taking payment?


How good was the consultation with Dr Kittel? Did he address your questions and concerns? Was he honest and explained what needed doing? Did he inspire confidence?


Did we meet your safety needs regarding Coronavirus i.e. gave you hand sanitiser and recommended you wear a face mask? Did we wear face masks ourselves and were our procedures up to scratch?


During the operation, were Dr Kittel and the nurse caring, involve you and explained things as they were happening? Did we involve you in your treatment and not talk over your head. Did you feel the surgery was carried out competently?


Was the information sent to you via email adequate (we send an email with an aftercare video link by Dr Kittel, a leaflet, an operation report that is individualised and a feedback link). We also tend to re-iterate the most important issues verbally


How do you rate our service overall?

Would you recommend TVSS to a friend?