Price Guide 2017-18

If you use our telephone consultation option please round up the size of a skin lesion to the next cm. Please do not quote a size smaller than the actual size. This means we do not allocate the right amount of time for surgery and your outcome could be jeopardised. It also invalidates any quote.

Type of skin lesionFee[i]Lab CostIs Lab Fee negotiable?[ii]
Consultation for Assessment (obligatory) – current lead time 8-10 weeks£60N/AN/A
Small Cyst (1cm)£240£75No
Medium Cyst (2-3.9cm)£330£75No
Large Cyst (4cm and larger)£420+£75No
Small Lipoma£240£75Yes
Large Lipoma£420£75Yes
Every further normal Lipoma[iii]£90£25Yes
Normal Mole (excision)£240£75No
Xanthelasma (Electrodessication) up to 2 small Xanthelasmas£190£0N/A
Xanthelasma (Electrodessication) over 2 or larger Xanthelasmas£280£0N/A
Skin Tag (shave excision)£150£75It depends
Many Skin Tags (3-100)£240+£75 / £25Yes
Warts (1 or more)£150+£75 / £25It depends
Any lesion in face / foreheadAdd £40£75No
Stitch removal£35[iv]
Split Earlobe Repair (one)£330£0
Split Earlobe Repair (two)[iii]£530£0

[i] Fees are for the actual surgery, doctor and nurse time, theatre time, materials and any follow up required, but not of stitch removal.

[ii] Lab examinations are now legally required for all skin lesions, but can be occasionally negotiated where the clinical case is overwhelming or patient choice is paramount.

[iii] If completed in 1 session

[iv] GP surgery nurses often carry out stitch removals for free.